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                                                              6th  Annual                                               
                                          AH Indigenous Living Summit  of America

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What  is the Indigenous Living Summit?

The Indigenous Living Summit of America is  the annual Peoples reunion for celebration of America's cultural heritage.. The Indigenous Living summit of America is the  Xmas season for the  kinfolk of Americas heritage registered with the America Heritage Registry  and guest come to  connect and commune with  our  Earth,@ Yumwija.
At the Indigenous Living Summit  we   live by our   heritage culture with America,, we share tools and learn traditional heritage skills for homesteading and  building creative solutions  needed to  live independently and free  with Our home on Earth America
 We, the children of America understands
our Earth is transforming its Nature and as  a part of our creators renewal from the bondage of mankind - the awakening of indigenous peoples of America by heritage connection back to Life, and reality is NOW….


Indigenous Community living experience

There is so much to teach and little time to learn it, the quickest way to learn is to live it. Living as a  indigenous community with the Earth  will allow everyone to release their fear of change and deepen their roots connection with  our Earth.  At the Indigenous learning summit , you can learn how to  make pottery, wine, clothes, compost, bee-hiving,  gardening in our live and learn garden,  harvesting  herbs, food preserving, and in our leisure, we will canoe, hike, paint and of course dance…..We have special arts and crafts projects for the children

 Hang out with us her at Yumwija and experience living with Our Earth,  This year everyone will be staying in a tent, sleeping  with the Earth, for People who need to be more modern you can make arrangements to stay a the nearby hotels..  So many people say how much they enjoy the experiences here at Yumwija, .

Kerry wrote “ I opened your email last Sunday and giggled to myself as I read it. In your words, I

can see all the things visually as clearly as you were writing it and I was

immediately transported back. I had such a wonderful time! I see how things grow on your Earth. It was lovely to be a part of everything if only for a couple of days. “ Take a break back to life and become alive again”

The experience has brought them back to life .

“ Back to Life back to reality”

Come and learn:

Survival Basics

Indigenous first aide

How to survive without electricity

Basic Electrical

Basic Defense

Indigenous living Skills

Indigenous gardening—how to feed our Earth

Indigenous eating- Traditional Soul Foods.

Identifying edible plants

Indigenous jewelry making


Pine needle basketry

Indigenous dress making and decoration.


 Indigenous Healing classes-

Basics of indigenous healing- how to work with natural elements to power your life?

Reflexology Understanding our bodies thru our feet

 Healing with Sound therapy

Healing with clay.


Children  activities

Arts and crafts

Story telling.

and many more surprises!!

The Summit will have workshops for people and children to have hands on learning in Indigenous living skills, including house building basics, defense, survival skills and much more  Bring your family and please invite your friends to become a part of Our family.