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                                                              6th  Annual                                               
                                          AH Indigenous Living Summit  of America

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Principles followed @ Yumwija

At Yumwija in order to enjoy the healing  benefits here.  We live with and by the principles of OUR EARTH... All People regardless of kinfolk; or  guest will be held to our Principles.

 We hold the right to exclude and deny  anyone  staying on our Earth premises. Please be advised......

Rules and Regulations

Yumwija is a Nature conservancy and is our Home on Earth for the Foundation for Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage.

We welcome all of our kinfolk to come and commune, heal, learn and build at Yumwija

In this regard to keep our home on Earth flourishing, we ask all kinfolk and their guest to respect our principles of Community…. 


                                                        Indigenous Principle

Everything created by Earth serves a purpose to Earth

In this regard, please do not kill the plants, insects, turtles, birds, we deter them but we are not at war with LIFE.

All children within the community will be maintained and supervised by all adults in the community.

Respect should be honored and stay within boundaries of truth and trust…

At Yumwija everyone lives peacefully and does not permit harm to life on  our Earth….