Summit   Calendar of   Events

Indigenous Living - Workshops Monday and Tuesday  - The summit will have workshops for people to have hands on learning in Indigenous living skills , including house building basics, ,Defense, and  survival skills .Workshop Schedule will  be posted at time of event.

 America Heritage  Registry Induction Ceremonies - August 16th - August 18th
Graduation  from the Institute for Indigenous America Studies for Indigenous Competency  Certification  and Induction into the  America Heritage Registry  for 2018

Sacred Ceremonies Sacred  Ceremonies will be conducted: Pre requisite .  kundalini yoga, must know how to properly breath.

 August 16th  Sacred  Earth Sweat-  August 16th- preparation diet -  starts August 8th -16th 

 August 16th Sacred Water Ceremonies

August16 & 17th Sacred Fire Ceremony - Dance Carnival

 August 17th, Induction  and new Life dedication Ceremony,  into Sacred Circle, Ancestral Prosperity Dinner, Talent Show

August 18th Dedication of Ancestral Resting Place , Canoeing, Dance Carnival

Sunday August -12 th  Opening Ceremonies-  United Nations  International Day of World Indigenous Peoples..  Presentation& discussion on International  Legislation   affecting Indigenous peoples of America  . Open to the public 3pn

August 19th-  FIAAH  Inner Circle Meeting. Overview of what F.I.A.A.H. is currently  implementing  and issues to be resolved.:  Elections of Administrative counsel.  Drafting of new resolution mandate for   creating new guidelines for a host of issues  the foundation is confronted with as we grow

August  15th- Sacred  Indigenous  Wisdom Gathering for Indigenous  Females and Males

 This year the focus will be on Creating better bonding relationships. Indigenous intimacy. We have been SERIOUSLY CONNED, there is more than SEX. Never settle for Sex again,  This is for  hetero-sexual persons only.  Emotional  healing thru intimacy with no strings attached... learn how to be close  and to give and receive without fear of  exploitation,  or rejection, The secret power  within our bodies and how to use it in our outer world. 

                                                                                          2018 Special  Events - 

August 18th

Canoeing/ kayaking trips, on New River or Red River about 30.00 per person. children ½ price. Or bring your own boat. Fee-35.00 per person excluding children. fee range  free to 1/2 price

August 17th

Ancestral Dinner talent show- Come share your creativity,  dance, singing, pottery, arts, skits all talent welcome,

Dance festival   Carnival-  Friday and Saturday Night  August 17 & 18th-

Dancing is a tradition of our people, this is when we get dressed up in our culture and involve our power., bring your drums, music makers. and dancing feet to dance around the fire circle in our ancestral wear until you pass out or to  the break of dawn.

 Ancestral  Trade Market

Ancestral trade market is a market  for indigenous products made/created by  America. The market  will start on Sunday evening ... Please bring   items for  trade  or Service bartering . Service coupons will be available to use for exchange purposes..  Building  our own economy with or without money.

Suggestions for  Trade exchange, Everything used in creating goods. candles, soaps, material, leather, feathers, beads,  jewelry, clothing, herbs,  household items, books, and  anything you feel  has a trade value.