On this page is a list of essentials every person should bring to make there experience at Yumwija a wonderful one. Every year people forget to bring essentials  comforts for living with the Earth.

This year 2016 has been long spring season temps in the upper 70's - lower 80's mild showers.,cool nights upper 60's- lower 60's

                                                                      The Tent -

                                 The importance of the Tent

A tent is a portable shelter- until permanent shelter can be secured. It is your modern day Teepee. It is your  home/ shelter with Earth.

All members must have  an tent/teepee and sleeping comfort, needed to live with Earth. at any time.  People who do not invest their inorganic money to help rebuild the support system needed for organic comfort will live in what they invest.

Camping  sites – there is plenty of camping sites for all sizes of tents,

Tents- there are tents available at the site, on first reserve basis contact office for reservation.

The list as as follows

Camping Tents: the best time to purchase camping tents is around and after July 4th, they go on sale places to consider is Walmart, Cosco, Sams, Sears,  and kmart.  If just for one person get a 4 person tent, this tent will allow you enough room to comfortably fit a double bed , your clothing trunk and a little extra wiggle room place a night light on a crate, You can have your tent shipped directly to Yumwija and it will be here waiting for you, and for a small tip someone will put it up for you.

 Tents Please note we do not  commune in our tents as we do in our houses

There are two different forms of camping tents,

Camping cabins : These are portable cottages,  they include standing height walls, a person can walk around in them, set it up as a mini house, some even have porches,, they an fit a queen or even a king size bed or multiple airbeds, the screened porch can be used as the  eating area  or a extra room.

They come in different sizes and start around 100.00

Dome tents; These tents are semi circle with the highest standing point in the middle of the tent the sleeping areas or on the sides. These are cheaper than Cabin Tents and are great for  people with children. They usually have 3 compartments. Smaller domes tents have  one big space, excellent for  singles and cozy for couples.

Tent  lighting,: We recommend  the Brooklyn lamp give enormous light.

Bedding: We recommend airbeds  full or Queen, blankets, pillows, bed sheets, please make yourself comfortable.

Food: Ice chest coolers. There is no refrigeration for tents; please keep your personal food in your coolers, We recommend coolers that keep food cold  for 5 days Recommendation: Rubbermaid

Showers:  for hot showers ; Wal-Mart sells solar shower bags( note-less than 10.00)

Camping chair Portable folding chair 

Clothing:: please bring flip flops, light shoe , bathing suit. tea shirts,  towel, socks, shawl, or jacket, warn clothes , night can get cool due to the high oxygen level,   for workshop clothes to get dirty in or for painting Please do not wear heavy high top shoes  or sneakers, accidents will happen.

Extras, sitting mat or pillow,, we sit on the ground.

That’s it,